How to Add “A Record” for Hajana One Branded SMS Reseller

Using A Record you can embed our advance Branded SMS reseller on your website as sub domain.
For Branded SMS reselling you must have an account at Hajana One. If not, Register Your Account at hajana one.

Login to your Hajana One Account and Go to SMS Dashboard.

Click on Reseller Settings.

Fill Simple Reseller Registration form. and copy Reseller IP.

At next stage go to your hosting Cpanel and follow steps as following images.

Step : 1 : Go to Zone Editor in Your Hosting CPanel.

Step : 2 In Domain Section Click on Manage

Step : 3 After clicking Manage Now Click on “Add A Record”

Step : 4 Enter Sub domain and paste IP in record field

Please note don’t create any sub domain, Just add “A Record” sub domain will be created automatically.

Go to your sub domain This will be portal for your clients.

You can create and manage your client’s account from

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