DMA SOFTLAB Radius Manager SMS Notification Configuration

DMA SOFTLAB Radius Manager SMS API has a very nice feature of SMS notification for Before Account Expiry SMS / Email We Suggest that must Your DMA Softlab Radius Manager SMS API feature It will make your service more attract-full for your users.

  1. New Account Activation Message
  2. New Account Activation Verification Code
  3. Password Recovery


Step by Step Configuration of SMS Gateway into DMA radius Manager SMS API

  1. Download This File   smsgateway.php   This is ready made sms script
  2. Edit This file with Notepad or any Text Editor
  3. At line 10 and 11 enter your Hajana One account API key and SMS sender ID
  4. Save This file
  5. Download WinSCP Ftp Client from This Link   Download WinSCP
  6. Connect your radius manager using WinSCP FTP client with Radius IP address and login detail.
  7. Go to the following directory of you radius manager source.




Video Tutorial

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