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WhatsApp Bulk SMS


What is WhatsApp Bulk SMS Services / APIs

WhatsApp advertising is advancing your items/benefits and drawing in with your crowd through the famous courier application "WhatsApp". We broadly use Whatsapp to speak with our loved ones consistently. If you are seaching the best API fot you softwares then Hajana One WhatsApp Officail API will be your best chooice. You can integrate it in all kind of Softwares like DMA Softlab Raduis Manager, School Managment System, Staff Task Software.Woocommrece Plugin etc.

How does WhatsApp marketing work?

As you know today whatsapp marking is so pupolar. Every one useing this Whatsapp. We can also do marketing via whatsApp API. Also WhatsApp has its own API as like other Branded SMS. You can integrate WhatsApp API with your other software School Software or websites.

Mostly used for.

  • 1. Woocommerce SMS notification Plugin into your WooCommerce store
  • 2. DMA Softlab Raduis Manager
  • 3. School Management System
  • 4. Shopify, OpenCart SMS Plugin.
  • 5. Zal-Pro ISP management System.
  • 6. Wordpress Plugins.
  • 7. Go to WooCommerce Section and Click on Settings.

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