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Branded SMS Features

  • SMS to indivisual number
  • SMS to comma separated list of mobile numbers.
  • SMS to Excel file Containing Mobile numbers.
  • SMS to Pre-created contac groups.
  • Unlimited Group creation allowed
  • Complete Sent messages log.
  • Export Sent Messages log to excel file.
  • SMS Templates management.
  • Multiple Sender IDs (Mask) can be registered.
  • Sender ID approval reuquest can be submitted from your account.
  • Export Sent Messages log to excel file.
  • Export Sent Messages log to excel file.

Branded SMS at Affordable Price

Branded sms is used for the promotion of business/products. Branded sms put direct effects on customer's choice and helps in fetching the customer to your shop/office. In 21st century Branded SMS are being used in International/Multinational/National companies, Banks, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Supporters, Schools, Offers alerts, Billing alerts and much more. We offer Branded SMS at Wholsale price. If you want to start SMS campaign of your business/products promotions then Hajana One would be your best choice. We are the leading Branded SMS company in Pakistan, having largest circle of happy clients.

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What is SMS Masking? (Also known as Sender ID)
SMS Masking allows you to set the sending name that appears in an SMS message (eg. CocaCola instead of 03001234567, limited to 11 characters). Masking is a great branding tool to identify yourself to your mobile recipients.

Masking Limitations

  • Masking Limited to minimum 3 and Maximum 11 carachters.
  • Mask must be relevant to your business name.
  • Business Name mentioned in to you NTN certificate.
  • No City Name allowed as Mask.
  • No Common word allowed as Mask.
  • No personal name allowed as Mask.
  • No Country Name allowed as Mask.
  • No Domain Name allowed as Mask.
  • No Political Party Name allowed as Mask.
  • Mask Request must be submited from user account.
  • Only Business name can be used as Mask.
  • No Brand Name or Child Company Name can be Used as Mask.