How to Add SMS Notification to Woocommerce

Integrate SMS Notification to WooCommerce

Woo Commerce is a useful plugin of WordPress, and use to create online shopping store. Read this article for integration SMS Notification to Woocommerce.

In this articale i am going to show that how can we integrate SMS notification to Woo commerce. First of all you need a plugin that can integrate API of any SMS service provider.  Hajana One has decent plugin for Woocommerce SMS notification. Also Hajana One provide SMS API.

Read this articale carfully we will guide you here that how you can integrate SMS notification to Woocommerce step by step.


Step 1.   Download WooCommerec SMS Notification Plugin :  Download

Step 2.   Login to your WordPress website of Woocommerec.

Step 3.   Go to The Plugin Section left side of wordpress dashboard and click Add New.

Add new Plugin | SMS Notification to Woocommerce


Step 4.   Click Upload Plugin for uploading your news plugin .

Upload Plugin | SMS Notification to Woocommerce


Step 5.   Choose Zip File of Downloaded Plugin. Then click Install Now button.

Choose Plugin | SMS Notification to Woocommerce


Step 6.   Install  Plugin and Activate (Please Note Activation required Woocommerec Plugin Installed on your wordpress site.


Activate Plugin | SMS Notification to Woocommerce


Step 7.  Go to WooCommerce Section and Click on Settings.



Step 8.   Click On Hajana One SMS tab. Then Enter You Hajana One API Ket and Sender ID.


Step 9. Save changes and Enjoy.

Save Settings Hajana One Woocommerece SMS Settings


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